The company was founded in 1973 as Biuro Projektów i Realizacji Inwestycji Rafinerii Nafty “Bipronaft”- Kraków Oddział w Gdańsku (“Bipronaft”, Design and Execution Enterprise of Refinery Investments – Cracow, Department in Gdańsk). In 1989 the company changed its name to Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowo- Usługowe “BiproRaf” Sp z o.o. (Design and Service Enterprise BiproRaf). In January 2007, KTI Poland S.A.,with Italian capital, took over the shares from Lurgi S.A. and Grupa LOTOS S.A.,  and from July 2011 the owner of 100% shares is Automatic Systems Engineering Sp. z o.o.


Biproraf has experience not only in the design of large scale engineering projects, but also in project construction and commissioning, investment inspection and supervision, mainly in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.
Biproraf is a multi- branch engineering company delivering  complex solutions, specializing also in many LPG- related projects including loading and unloading stations for rail and trucks, gas stations, port terminals, small tanks filling stations and propane gas vessel installations. We are following all regulations and guidelines in order to ensure safety and compliance with national and European standards.  




Under the Act on the protection of classified information of 5 August 2010 the company meets the requirements            for accessing and processing classified information marked as "RESTRICTED".


1.  In the company there is a security section consisting of:
- a representative for the protection of classified information
- a manager of the office for classified material
- IT-security officer
2.  It has its own accredited computer system capable of processing classified information marked as "RESTRICTED".


3. The staff has written authorization signed by the manager of the office or agency to have access to classified information marked as "RESTRICTED" and a valid certificate of training in the protection of classified information.