Venturi scrubber system reither

The international patented Venturi scrubber System REITHER is a high efficiency wet scrubber suitable for separation of particles up to the submicron range. The advantage of this system is the high collection efficiency, the flexibility regarding fluctuation of load, its simple design and thus favourable in cost, as well as the low-maintenance operating mode.


The function of a Venturi scrubber is based on increase of velocity of a gas flow by narrowing the cross section at simultaneous injection of a scrubbing liquid. The high shear forces between gas and liquid lead to finest distribution of liquid drops which agglomerate with the solid particles. These agglomerates are separated from the gas flow by baffle separation in droplet separator switched in series, because of its inertia of masses.


The main field of application for slot tube Venturi scrubbers is the separation of fine dust and aerosols. Especially exhaust gases with high water content, temperatures near the dew point, adhesive dusts tending to cake or being explosive can be good separated in wet scrubber. A simultaneous separation of gaseous pollutants is also possible. It is best suitable for separation of:


  • Acid mists (HCl, H2SO4, SO3, H3PO4, etc.)
  • Salt aerosols (NH4Cl, NH4F, etc.)
  • Metal oxides (Copper, zinc, lead, etc.)
  • Fine dust (Metal-, colour pigments-, silicate- flue dust, soot-, wood-, etc.)
  • Oil- and emulsion mists
  • Pollution gases (HCl, SO2, NH3, HBr, etc.)    

Waste gases from incineration plants have to be quickly cooled, e.g. in order to suppress building of dioxin at incineration of special sewages. The new quench apparatus is able to reach this as it uses the Venturi principle proved at separation of dust. The hot gas is entering the tubular apparatus from top and is cooled by the injected water. In the Venturi throats following, built by crosswise installed cylinders and by the adjustable displacer cylinder, the liquid is dispersed into finest drops because of the high shear effect of the gas flow. The flow baffles take care for an intensive renewing of limit areas between gas and liquid and found compact design and favourable price. In addition of cooling the gas is thoroughly cleaned from dust – even at process conditions of fluctuations of gas throughput thanks to the adjustable displacer. The cooled and cleaned gas leaves the apparatus through the outlet.


The advantages for the Venturi quench are:

  • safe and efficient cooling of gases with high part of dust
  • quick cooling by the Venturi quench prevents the so-called De-Novo-Synthesis
  • the cross section of the Venturi throats can be modified during operation
  • the spray nozzles are lying outside of the gas flow, a jacket cooling and a wall rinsing guarantee a high operating safety
  • using different corrosion resistant materials, as Hastelloy alloy, stainless steel, etc. guarantee a high lifetime
  • compact space-saving design


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Venturi Scrubber System Reither Venturi Scrubber System
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