Project execution

Biproraf Sp. z o.o. makes all sorts of projects, from the stage of a concept, through building project, approved for construction design, as built project, authors and investors supervision.


These projects are for petroleum and petrochemical industry mostly, however we do not limit our activities to these two industries only.


Our biggest projects prepared by our office are as follows:

  • building and approved for construction designs for the Program 10+ for Grupa Lotos
  • storage tank basis for Grupa Lotos
  • LPG loading and storage terminals for TEZET Sp. z o.o., Transgaz S.A., Grupa Lotos
  • upgrading of the gelcoat factory in Miszewo
  • LPG installations for  Petrolinvest, Chem Trans Logistic, LPG Terminal Gdańsk, Grupa Lotos
  • upgrading of the technological and auxiliary installations for Grupa Lotos

Apart of a/m projects our company makes also complete projects including design, delivery and construction, The instalation of vapour recovery for the reloading terminal for Grupa Lotos and Borsig Co.